Trips can include any combination of cultural sight seeing, festivals, trekking, mountain biking, kayaking and rafting. We would be happy to cater to your interests and your availability.

Our cultural tours are designed to provide our guests with a rich and personal experience of Bhutan’s religion and culture, its traditional woven garments, religious mask dances, folk dances, songs and reverence for our natural environment

Treks range from as short as four days up to as long as 28 days. Jhomolhari is the most popular trek, ranging from 7 to 10-days trek and is the sacred mountain of Bhutan.

The rivers of Bhutan are generally very steep and powerful and road access is limited, so only a relatively short section of the main rivers are suitable for kayaking and rafting.

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Visitors in general can expect an unique combination of traditional Bhutanese style together with modern services

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