Recently discovered rock Buddha face draws crowds


Buddha face: The rock figure as seen from across the Punatshangchu

Landmark: A rock, resembling Buddha‘s face, located on a hill below Wangduephodrang dzong, has of late attracted hundreds of visitors.

It can be viewed from across the river and has been named ‘Buddha face’ by locals and social media users, where the photo has been circulated.

Locals and travellers drop by the Wangdue bridge to take a tour to the rock figure and take photographs.  While some offer prayers, nyendas (money offering) and string prayer flags across the stone figure, others take a closer look to figure out the actual shape.

Kinley, a Bajo resident, said it could be a discovery of Buddha’s face. “The figure is not only located on the same hill where the great Wangduephodrang dzong was built, but wasn’t seen by anyone till recently,” he said.

However, another resident, Kuenzang Thinley, said the stone figure existed for centuries, and it was not discovered or named as a sacred site even by great lamas like Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, who not only visited the place but constructed Wangdue dzong.

“It could be psychological, in the sense that, when someone claims it to resemble Buddha’s face, others see it too,” he said.

The news of the rock figure has reached other districts too.  Residents are receiving enquiries about the stone figure.

Blogger Passang Tshering (Passu), a teacher of Bajo higher secondary school, posted the ‘Buddha face’ on his blog.

It started getting attention from hundreds of people across the country after the blogger’s post was shared on social networking sites, and viewed and shared by several friends.

“A friend showed me the picture a few months back and later I visited the site and wrote about it on my blog,” Passang Tshering said. “His friend had seen the figure, while looking out of window from her house, which faces the hill.”


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