Meet Our People

Pema Wangay

Qualifications: Cultural Guide, 1990 Trekking Guide License, 1995 Raft Guide, 1999

Pema Wangay who started his career in the tourism industry as tenderfeet has now become one of the few tourism professionals in Bhutan with almost two decades of experience within adventure travel. He started his profession as a cultural guide and then joined the Trekking Guides Training programme conducted by the Tourism Authority of Bhutan. He was one of the twenty trekking guides who successfully completed the training program and was licensed to lead groups into the mountains.

In 1999, Lotus Adventures introduced white-water activities in the Kingdom, Pema was one of the pioneers who was trained as a raft guide. Today, he is one of the most experienced raft guides in Bhutan, comfortably guiding a paddle raft or an oar frame raft. Having traversed the length and the breath of the country and physically paddled most of the rivers, Pema stands out as an experienced travel resource for any visitor visiting Bhutan.

Language Skills: Excellent English and Spoken Hindi


Dorji Khandu

Qualifications: Trekking Guide License 1999 Raft Guide 1999 , Cultural Guide License 1999.

Dorji Khandu was only 16 when he did snowman trek, and same year he was trained as a raft guide. He trek almost all trekking routes in Bhutan and paddle almost all the major rivers.

He stayed in Shimla for 4 years and did his B.Tech in IT. Now he work as a Server Administrator for Lotus Adventures, Technician and Designer for LSV Bhutan.

Language Skills: Excellent English and Spoken Hindi


Rinchen Dorji

Qualifications: Cultural Guide License, 1998 Trekking Guide License, 1999 Raft Guide, 2000 Safety Kayaker, 2006

Rinchen is the manifestation of the Gross National Happiness, in a computer language he would be in the smiley section. Rinchen started his career as a cultural guide and graduated to become one of the few licensed trekking guides. He joined Lotus Adventures in 1999 and has taken to white-water with a passion. Today, he is one of the few river guides who has paddled most of the rivers in the country, as well as trekked most of the trekking routes. Rinchen started safety kayaking in 2006 and today Rinchen and Pema form a strong team on the river. With his compassionate nature and local knowledge, he will introduce Bhutan in its true perspective.


Camp Cook and aspiring kayaker Joined Lotus Adventures in 2005

Passang graduated from heading cows to assistant cook in 2005 when he was 16 years old and all he wanted to do was paddle the rivers in Bhutan. Today, he is a wizard in the kitchen tent and master of all the mess dealing with the camp logistics. Individuals who run into him, will remember him for his culinary skills and the demonstration on the dinning tent.

Once the people are fed, you will find him on the river paddling, the temperamental cook.


Bus driver

Joined Lotus Adventures in 2003

Keasang is the jack of all trade, a driver by profession and has the following skills; Mechanic, Carpentry and Camp Handy Man. Rejected safety kayaker and raft guide. It will be very difficult not to notice him, his style of dressing is attention grabbing. He has perfect manners and admirable qualities of patience. Most of all he is a very skilled driver and known as the “dude” on the road.



Joined Lotus Adventures in 2009

Jaymang is a class 8 pass out student of Logothama in Punakha, joined Lotus as a waiter and did cook training in 2011. He is a excellent swimmer and can kayak and raft. Always smiling, ever patient, this proverb will describe him, ” the Oxen is slow but the earth is patient.”