Way to Bhutan

Until 1964 The Kingdom of Bhutan was accessible only by foot through the high passes of Tibet. The construction of a road from Phuntsholing on the Indian border to Thimphu and Paro made travel by car and bus possible. In the 1980s an international airport was constructed in Paro, 55 km from the capital of Bhutan, Thimphu.

Travel by Air
Today, Bhutan’s national air carrier, Druk Air and Bhutan Airline operates several flights per week from Bangkok, Delhi, Kolkata, Buddhagaya, Bagdogra, Gohati, Dhaka, Singapore, Mumbai And Kathmandu to Paro. The modern Airbus A-319  and A-320 jets carry passengers through one of the most spectacular flight paths in the world. A particular highlight is the stretch between Kathmandu and Bhutan, where one passes 4 of the 5 highest mountains in the world. Weather permitting; passengers will be treated to intimate views of Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Makalu und Kangchenjunga. Landing in the Paro Valley, surrounded by 4000 meter high mountains stretching across the west of Bhutan, means a visual landing is the order of the day.

Current flight schedules for Druk Air are available at www.drukair.com.bt

Flights can be booked through Lotus Adventures Bhutan who also arrange visas.

Travel By Land
The town of Phuntsholing in south-western Bhutan is currently the only land border access open for international tourists. Phuntsholing lies approximately 170 km east of the Indian national airport Bagdogra, nearby historic Darjeeling. From here begins a mountain journey of almost unbelievable beauty. The road leads from the northern Indian tea plantations through endless turns, hair-pin bends and daring stretches carved into the mountain rock via Chhuka to Thimphu. The travel time for the 175 km stretch can be more than 7 hours.

A combination of overland and air travel is also possible. All overland travel requires an Indian visa.

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